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Justin Bieber sang karaoke with Floyd Mayweather in Bora Bora on Saturday, much to the delight of other vacationers. 

Bieber, who was just in New Zealand, joined Mayweather in French Polynesia, where the two went to their hotel’s bar and the singer gave an impromptu concert. First, Bieber sang his song “What Do You Mean?” before settling in front of a piano and playing The Beatles classic “Let It Be.”

Since arriving in Bora Bora, Bieber has shared video of himself and Mayweather walking along a beach and riding bikes. Thankfully, the footage of Bieber this time around is a lot more family friendly than what he posted the last time he was in Bora Bora three months ago.

As Gossip Cop reported at the time, while vacationing in French Polynesia in July, Bieber shared a photo of himself on a boat fully nude. He captioned the shot, which prominently featured his naked butt, “Look.” The Biebs later deleted the Instagram picture, saying he was sorry he “offended” some young members of his fan base. He noted in his apology that it was intended as a “joke,” but that he didn’t take into account the “littles following me.”

So far, Bieber has done nothing this time in Bora Bora to offend any fans. In fact, he may have picked up few new ones while singing at the hotel’s bar. Watch the video here!

Photo: Getty Images