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Justin Timberlake pitched Seth Meyers a few new theme songs for “Late Night” on Monday, but it quickly became apparent that the tunes were originally meant for other shows. 

A pre-taped segment featured Meyers working in his office when Timberlake stopped by for a surprise visit. The music star told the host, “The one thing I haven’t done, I haven’t written a theme song for a late-night talk show. And since you’re my favorite talk show host, I wrote something up for you.”

The first track that Timberlake sang featured lyrics including, “On every night at 11:30… Hosted by your number one guy, it’s J to the I to the M M Y.” A confused Meyers responded, “I think you wrote that song for Jimmy Fallon and he said no.”

Timberlake admitted that was the case, but assured Meyers that his second song, “I wrote just for you.” But one of the lyrics from the next tune went, “A pair of glasses and jet black hair, was on Comedy Central but now is not there.” Meyers asked, “Stephen Colbert?” to which Timberlake said, “Yeah, he didn’t love it.”

The singer continued to pitch more theme songs, but they clearly were intended for James Corden, John Oliver, and even Charlie Rose, and most assuredly not for Meyers.

Watch the hilarious video above of Justin Timberlake pitching Seth Meyers "Late Night" theme songs.