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If *NSYNC were ever to answer our prayers and re-unite, they seriously might want to consider letting Kanye West be a part of the group.

One blessed soul created an Instagram account called "DancingKanye" ... and as you can imagine it's all Yeezy, all the time, dancing -- to a number a different songs. And one of them is *NYSNC's classic, "It's Gonna Be Me."

The person behind the amazing Instagram account took footage of Kanye's recent performance during Paris Fashion Week, which was full of robotic dance moves, and replaced the music with various songs. 

Here's *NSYNC's "It's Gonna Be Me":

Kanye dancing to "Its Gonna Be Me". #Kanye #KanyeDancing #KanyeDance

A video posted by Dancing kanye (@dancingkanye) on

Jagged Edge's "Where The Party At" (it's obviously right here):

Kanye dancing to "Where The Party At" #Kanye #KanyeDancing #KanyeDance

A video posted by Dancing kanye (@dancingkanye) on

And then there was A-ha's "Take On Me":

A smiling Kanye dances to "Take On Me" #Kanye #KanyeDancing #KanyeDance

A video posted by Dancing kanye (@dancingkanye) on

And, Instagram account kanyedoingthings got in the action, having Kanye dance to the "Seinfeld" theme:

Kanye rocking out to the Seinfeld theme song (@seinfeld2000)

A video posted by Kanye Doing Things (@kanyedoingthings) on