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Kanye West has said he's sorry to Beck and Bruno Mars last week via Twitter, and "Saturday Night Live" couldn't resist hilariously spoofing the public apology on the show over the weekend.

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Jay Pharoah resumed his role as Yeezus to appear on "Weekend Update," where he sat down with anchor Colin Jost to explain himself in more than 140 characters. "Kanye" announced that he was about to give the "greatest apology of all time" and then launched into a rap song called "I'm Sorry." And as you can imagine, he apologized -- for EVERYTHING.

The song touches on a number of subjects including Beck, Taylor Swift, naming his daughter a direction (North, duh), having six more weeks of winter, thinking the Oscar-winning Selma song "Glory" was about him, the llamas chase in Phoenix last week, and more.

Check out "SNL's" spoof of Kanye West's apology below!