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Kate McKinnon debuted her Iggy Azalea impression on "Saturday Night Live" over the weekend with a sketch called "The Iggy Azalea Show" -- and she NAILED it. 

During the sketch McKinnon took on Iggy from her awesome hair 'dos to her Australian accent, while Sasheer Zamata took on the role of Iggy's Arch-Twitter-Nemesis Azealia Banks (the feud continues). Azealia appeared on "The Iggy Azalea Show" because she thought Iggy was going to apologize. 

Jay Pharoah appeared as T.I., and the show's host for the night, Chris Hemsworth, also appeared in the sketch -- sporting dreadlocks and backed up Iggy as her "cousin" Rafty Drones. They rapped a new song together! And did a lot of twerking. Because according to Rafty, "When your mouth gets tired of rapping, let your booty do the talking."

And, although Azealia Banks gave up Twitter for lent, she made a brief return to say how much she loved the sketch!

Watch Kate McKinnon's Iggy Azalea impression below!