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Kelly Clarkson celebrates the most intense, most thrilling emotion of life: overwhelming love. In her brand new music video for "Heartbeat Song" the powerhouse highlights people of all walks of life, as they go through a devastating breakup (some via text message) and rebound afterward. But it’s not the throwaway, fleeting kind of rebound - it's the rekindling of that wild, reckless but rewarding kind of love. As various couples reconnect and spark a new, exciting romantic roller coaster, Clarkson plays the narrator and rips into the song - as reds, blues, and greens dance around her in some kind of ethereal music dome.

Heartbeat Song serves as the lead entry to Clarkson's upcoming Piece by Piece studio album, expected March 3. Included on the disc is the highly anticipated John Legend duet (following their onstage collaboration on 2012′s Duets singing extravaganza) called Run Run Run.