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This is the pregnancy announcement to end all pregnancy announcements. Nearly eight months after Kelly Clarkson welcomed her little bundle of joy into the world, the singer helped announce the pregnancy of 103.5 KTU's Carolina of "Cubby And Carolina In The Morning" in New York. But she didn't just announce it -- she SANG IT.

While visiting "Cubby And Carolina In The Morning," Carolina revealed she had a special announcement, at which point she introduced Kelly:

"Today is a really special day and I asked Kelly if she would help me do the announcement. So Kelly, why don't you just take it away from here." 

And from there, Kelly launched into song, changing the lyrics of her single "Heartbeat Song," hinting at a new baby on the way! Afterward, Cubby actually played Carolina's new baby's heartbeat! 

Carolina was overjoyed. 

Kelly congratulated Carolina, and said, "I'm so jealous, because I want another one already!" Hear that, Brandon Blackstock?!

Congratulations, Carolina on the new baby! 

Watch Kelly Clarkson help announce Carolina's new baby below!