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Kendall and Kris Jenner join forces for a sexy mother-daughter dance in a new LOVE video for day 23 of the magazine’s 2014 advent calendar. The two wear matching stockings and reindeer antlers as they shake their hips and tear down a Christmas tree in the holiday clip.

The video opens on Kendall and Kris' legs and backsides as they stare at the wall in front of them. The footage then alternates between black and white and color, while the two women start swaying their hips back and forth in unison. The reality TV stars are then seen ripping ornaments off a pink Christmas tree, which they eventually knock over. Anthony Unwin styled the mother-daughter duo for the clip directed by Doug Inglish.

Both Jenners previously appeared in individual videos for the magazine’s calendar. Kendall’s footage appeared on day eight and showed the budding model getting spanked by Santa Claus while wearing black lingerie and a Santa hat. Meanwhile, Kris flashed her cleavage in an oversize black blazer and danced with a candy cane for day 15. 

Watch Kendall and Kris Jenner's sexy mother/daughter dance below!

Merry Christmas!

Credit: YouTube