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Kevin Hart and Josh Gad crashed a real-life wedding last week, surprising the happy couple and their guests with a speech before leading the revelers onto the dance floor. 

The Wedding Ringer co-stars said they were in the middle of a photo shoot near Rajan and Chandni’s real wedding reception in Los Angeles when they decided to drop by, conveniently dressed in tuxedos. A wedding videographer captured the moments when Hart and Gad strode into the party and took the microphones.

Hart announced that he’d be giving a speech, during which he told the couple what the letters L-O-V-E mean (with some assistance from Gad). Gad broke into song, which he said was his gift to Rajan and Chandni, joking that Hart had bought the newlyweds a car. The stars informed the couple that they were “going to make beautiful babies.” Then they got the party going with some dancing. A good time was had by all.

The Wedding Ringer stars Hart as a best man-for-hire whom Gad’s loser character contacts before his wedding to assemble a team of phony groomsmen. Hilarity ensues. It opens in January.

Watch Hart and Gad crash Rajan and Chandni’s nuptials below!

Photo: YouTube