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Kim Kardashian finally takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on the two-day premiere of this season’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Tuesday - all while taking a selfie.

The reality star, who’s taken so many cleavage-bearing photos of herself that she’s actually putting out a book of selfies, naturally had to pull out her camera phone to also document her taking the Ice Bucket Challenge.

In a clip post by DeGeneres on Instagram, as Kardashian says, “Oh my God, I don’t even want to see this happening to me,” the talk show host pours the freezing water over her.

Kardashian can then be heard letting out a squeal.

DeGeneres also does a special tandem Ice Bucket Challenge on the first day of her new season with ALS sufferer Anthony Carbajal, who’s own video about how “scary” the illness is went viral.

Check out the clip of Kardashian on “Ellen.”