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The sixth and final season of "Glee" is returning next month. The network released a promo trailer for the upcoming season premiere, teasing new shake-ups to come as the musical comedy starts to wind down. 

As creator Ryan Murphy told fans earlier this year, the full cast, including Lea Michele's Rachel Berry, will be returning to its original backdrop of McKinley High School. The promo shows Lea back roaming the halls and standing up in defense of the glee club against Jane Lynch's Coach Sue. It also shows her singing the ballad "Let It Go," from Disney's Frozen. The song's original singer Idina Menzel played Lea's mother on the show during season three. 

The two-hour season premiere of "Glee" will air Friday, January 9th on Fox. 

Watch Lea sing "Let It Go" in the "Glee" promo below!