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Just a week before we learned of the tragic news that David Bowie had passed away, we had the pleasure of having super producer and longtime collaborator with Bowie, Tony Visconti, in-studio to give us the inside story on some of his most famous songs. Visconti has also worked with the likes of T-Rex, Paul McCartney, Iggy Pop and many more. 

Tony told us some amazing stories and gave us an inside look at many of Bowie's greatest hits. He originally thought that "Space Oddity" was "too gimmicky" and "derivative" of folk singers of the time like Simon and Garfunkel. Once the record was finished, that's when his mind changed.

He also spoke on Bowie's shift into Soul/R&B with "Young Americans." Tony tells us the story on how he got the call from David, asking him, "can you drop everything and come to Philly?" The two recorded the song there, which featured Luther Vandross on backing vocals.

Bowie' final album before his death, Blackstar, is like most of his albums in that it is completely unique. "We have to keep pushing the boundaries and create something new," Tony said.     

At the time of the interview, Bowie said he was done with interviews and would no longer be speaking to press. "He just wants to devote his life to making great music," Tony said. "He's said everything he's got to say. Anything else he has got to say will be in his songs."

Tony's band (Holy Holy) has a new live album, The Man Who Sold The World Live In London.

Rest in peace, David Bowie. Learn more about Q104.3 right here!

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