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We were floored when we heard Disclosure's mega-collaboration "Magnets" with Lorde just last week. But now, we're absolutely flabbergasted after seeing the visual for the dance cut, which premiered on Tuesday afternoon (September 29).

"Magnets," which is set in some kind of dystopian era, kicks off with the New Zealand pop star locking eyes with a guy at an evening party. Come to find out, this guy isn't single nor is he very nice to his wife. In fact, he's actually abusive.

Lorde appears to know this from the very beginning, so we warn you not to get too freaked out when you see her mischievously locking lips with him during one scene, and then another. This isn't just your standard music video make-out session either. This is aggressive (and oddly sexual) territory for Lorde. 

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But it's all part of her master plan because that's the way Lorde rolls. At the end of the video, you see her team up with his wifey to put an end to all his bullsh*t in the most badass way possible, but we'll let the visuals do the talking. Here's a hint. It involves fire.

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Watch Disclosure and Lorde's video for "Magnets" below!

Photo: YouTube