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When Sia teased her new music video for "Elastic Heart" this week, we saw the return of Maddie Ziegler, but there was another star in the video and now we know who it is: Shia LaBeouf (a nearly naked Shia LaBeouf might we add)!

Sia released the full "Elastic Heart" music video and the clip picks up where it left off in the teaser. Maddie and Shia are both standing across from one another in a large cage ... but then start fighting! Except it's more like dance fighting.

In their incredible choreography, the two duke it out until Maddie finally slips out of the cage leaving behind Shia, who appears very hurt. Ultimately she goes back for him, but the two cannot escape the cage together -- in fact Shia appears to shed a tear at the end (OMG CRYING SHIA)! 

Sia crushed her choreography for Sia's "Chandelier" video and absolutely nailed it again for "Elastic Heart" -- and we're really impressed with Shia's moves too! 

Watch Sia's "Elastic Heart" music video below! 

GIF: YouTube