Ask any of your lady friends. Taking on the role of maid of honor is a tough feat. There's a ton of planning, coordination and, of course, the highly anticipated speech during the wedding reception. United Kingdom maid of honor Rachel Winterbottom recently took the latter to a whole other level for her sister Hayley O'Brien's wedding by rapping her speech to the beat of Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby."

Even though her delivery may have been a little wobbly, you have to give her some serious props, especially for putting her sis on blast with bars like: "Sisters, she's like no other/ Words can't express how much I love her/ Piss pot describes Hayley to be fair/ Always on Facebook with her legs in the air."

O'Brien's rap has nabbed almost one million views since hitting YouTube exactly one week ago. Turn on the closed captioning and get a load of the wedding bars above!

Photo: YouTube/ Haley O'Brien