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Nothing says "Happy Holidays" better than a man in his underwear, spinning around on a stripper pole while simultaneously playing holiday songs on his clarinet.

You may remember Paul Groslouis from his viral video where he's playing Jason Derulo's "Wiggle" on the clarinet while spinning around on his stripper pole. Well, he's back for the holidays ... but this time with Christmas and Hanukkah songs!

Two new holiday-themed videos show Paul as he spins around his stripper pole in all kinds of positions while playing "Jingle Bells" in a sleigh with "snow" on the ground, while the other video features himself playing "I Have a Little Dreidel" in an actual spinning dreidel. He called the videos "A Pole Man's Christmas" and "A Pole Man's Hanukkah."

Watch Paul's "A Pole Man's Christmas" and "A Pole Man's Hanukkah" below!