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Leave it to the Italians to show us all how romance is done. An Italian man named Angelo drew inspiration from one of the most romantic movies EVER to ask his girlfriend Chiara to marry him with an incredible and moving The Notebook-themed proposal.

You may remember this scene from The Notebook, when Noah and Allie are in the rowboat:

For Angelo's romantic proposal, he and Chiara recreated the scene and took a ride they'll both never forget in a rowboat of their own. According to Us Weekly, Angelo actually rented out London's Alexandra Palace for a series of sweet events leading up to the big moment. First, a lady rowed by to give Chiara flowers. Next another woman came over to give them both some Cosmos for a cute toast. Then, a guitar player emerged to sing Robbie Williams' "She's The One" as origami swans floated around them.

When it finally came time to pop the question the couple's family and friends came out from hiding behind some nearby bushes with signs that read "You're The One" and "Will You Marry Me?" This is all followed by the SWEETEST most touching speech ever from Angelo -- in Italian (don't worry, there are subtitles) -- before he presented Chiara with the ring. She said yes, BTW (as we all would).

If you thought you cried a lot during The Notebook, wait until you hear Angelo's Italian version -- seriously, flash flood alert.

Watch Angelo and Chiara's amazing The Notebook-themed proposal video below (guys, take notes).