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Mariah Carey took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a video of herself wearing a floor-length red gown, confronting kangaroos that were flighting in Adelaide, Australia. In the clip, Carey can be seen approaching the kangaroos in the midst of a brawl. “Look at this!” she says. “It’s a fight. I’m gonna go see. We are going to take bets,” she jokes, before yelling at the kangaroos, “Which one of you needs a manager?” Carey captioned the funny footage, “Kangaroo madness!” 

Carey is currently in the land Down Under for the Australian leg of her "Elusive Chanteuse World Tour." The chance encounter with the kangaroos occurred when the singer took her twins, Moroccan and Monroe, to visit the animals at the Cleland Wildlife Park in Adelaide before her performance on Wednesday night.

That, of course, explains the kangaroos, but not why she’s dressed for a fancy party or wedding. Regardless, Carey shared more photos of herself and “Dem Babies” posing with a Koala bear, writing, “Everyone needs Edmond the Koala in their lives! at Cleland Wildlife Park.”

As previously reported, the singer once wore a glittery, blue Versace dress to ride the subway in New York, and on another occasion, she donned a floor-length gown for a trip to a New York playground. Perhaps for Carey, there is no such thing as being overdressed.

Check out the video and photos below!

Kangaroo madness! #Adelaide #Australia #TheElusiveChanteuseShow

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Everyone needs Edmond the Koala in their lives! at Cleland Wildlife Park #Adelaide #Australia

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