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If Hollywood was to make a Wedding Crashers 2 ... they could cast the guys of Maroon 5. The band crashes several weddings all over the Los Angeles area, and the reactions of the brides and grooms and their wedding guests are priceless!

The video was filmed on December 6th and directed by David Dobkin who also directed Wedding Crashers the movie. Adam Levine starts off by saying, "We're gonna drive across L.A. and hit every wedding we possibly can." Then, the guys dressed up in their suits and bow-ties (drool) hop in their black convertible and proceed to crash as many weddings as possible.

As a crew bursts into the first wedding reception to quickly set up, the guy who looks like he could be the father of the bride gets a little suspicious. He's probably thinking "I did not pay for this."

Yup, he's getting up. Nobody ruins his little girl's wedding and gets away with it.

But when it came time for the big reveal they were cool with it.

In fact, they totes loved it.

This groom looked a little confused. It took him a while to process things. He actually looks like Chrissy Teigen from this year's Golden Globes here.

But then the emotions came flooding in.

Check out the rest of the awesome reactions when Maroon 5 crashes even more weddings in their "Sugar" music video below:

GIFS: YouTube