There have been many memes and viral videos that have come out of people who were interviewed on the news over the last few years. There was Antoine Dodson in 2010 ("The Bed Intruder Song"), Sweet Brown in 2012 ("Ain't nobody got time for that"), but in 2016 we have the fabulous Michelle Dobyne

In case you missed it, Michelle, a mother of three, was forced to flee her house in Tulsa, Oklahoma after her apartment was engulfed in a fire. When she was interviewed about the situation on the news, the clip went viral. Her response to the fire? "I got my three kids and we bounced out. We ain't going to be in no fire, not today." 

As Sweet Brown would say, "Ain't nobody got time for no fire." But in all seriousness, we're glad Michelle and her kids are OK.

Well now, the internet as taken Michelle's viral interview a step further -- 93.7 The Bull radio hosts, Mason & Remy, have remixed Michelle and her words into your new favorite hip hop jam. Check it out above!

ICYMI, check out Michelle's original interview below: