The House of Blues on Sunset Strip closed its doors on Monday night (August 3) after '80s glam metal band Steel Panthers took to the stage for one final send-off show, but they weren't alone in the farewell.

During a cover of Def Leppard's classic hit, "Pour Some Sugar On Me," Miley and Bill Ray Cyrus joined the band on stage to help them deliver one show stopping performance. In a video, which was posted on Tuesday (August 4), the duo is seen prancing around stage and helping lead singer Michael Starr out on with hook duties to the 1987 rock classic. While Miley is seen playing up the glam with a handheld mirror, her pops shows off his best air guitar.

Yahoo reports that Miley hadn't planned on performing, but the band persuaded her to come on stage. Immediately afterwards, the crowd started asking the pop star to sing and there was no turning back from there.

Miley took to Instagram a few hours after the performance to show off her dude bun and black ensemble that she rocked during the impromptu performance. 


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Photo: YouTube