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Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson were in a car accident on Thursday, though neither star was behind the wheel and the crash wasn’t personally their fault. Check out the video above.

Cyrus and Simpson had been spending the night club-hopping in Hollywood and were wrapping up their evening when the incident occurred. Instead of driving themselves, they responsibly called an Uber to be picked up outside of 1Oak. Once inside their ride, the driver began to pull away, but at the same time a vehicle next to them also tried to leave the scene.

The right rear of Cyrus and Simpson’s car ended up hitting the left rear side of the other vehicle. It’s hard to tell from the footage, however, which driver was at fault for the collision. Paparazzi could be heard yelling, “You crashed the guy’s car, man!”

Cyrus and Simpson did not get out of the car following the accident, and their ride is actually seen pulling away afterward, but that may have been just so they could safely get out of the roadway. Neither singer has commented on the incident. Cyrus and Simpson have become close friends over the last year, and they took the above photo just over a month ago. See video of the car crash below.

Photo: Instagram