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Super Bowl XLIX was a nail biter, that went down the last two minutes. But you weren't watching the game for the football were you? You were watching it for the commercials. Some commercials were great, while others missed the mark. First let's start off with the best.

Budweiser: 'Lost Dog'

Snickers: Danny Trejo/Marcia Brady

eSurance: Walter White

Bud Light: Real Life Pac Man

Clash of Clans Liam Neeson Revenge Super Bowl Official TV Commercial Taken Theme Angry Neeson

Now it's time for the worst. These commercials just missed the mark. They were too sad, too weird, or just awkward. 


Game of War


Squarespace: Dreaming with Jeff

Jublia Toenail Fungus Meds

Honorable Mention: GoDaddy

This commercial technically didn't air during the Super Bowl, because of the public outcry after it was released earlier online.