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There is significant damage to a launch pad at NASA's Wallops Flight Facility after an Antares rocket exploded just moments after liftoff.  The unmanned rocket exploded just after clearing the tower, creating a huge fireball at the seaside pad located on the Virginia shore.  The mission was unmanned and there were no injuries.  

The rocket wasn't built by the government. Antares is part of the new commercial resupply contract that NASA has with private businesses.  Orbital Sciences and SpaceX both won multi-billion-dollar deals to launch fresh supplies and scientific experiments to the International Space Station. 

It was an Orbital rocket and its Cygnus cargo carrier that were lost in the explosion at the Wallops Flight Facility. Orbital is under contract for a total of eight supply flights and this was just the company's third.  Orbital Sciences and SpaceX are both developing rockets and capsules that will ferry humans to and from the space station.