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It couldn't be anymore apparent that the U.S. Naval Academy midshipmen love themselves some Bruno Mars. All you have to do is take a look at their viral video "Naptown Funk," which is obviously their own spin on the pop star's inescapable 2014 hit.

In the video, which has rounded up more than 231,775 views in less than three days, more than 50 midshipmen show Internet goers what happens when they strut their way through the streets of Annapolis and pay homage to the capital of Maryland. 

Midshipman First Class Rylan Tuohy spoke with CBS Baltimore earlier this week. "We have an awesome relationship with the city of Annapolis, and I think this video encompasses that relationship and we wanted to share it with the world," he said. "Film is just a huge hobby of mine, and I’m really glad that I get to continue that here at the Naval Academy."

The most impressive part of it all was that the whole thing was filmed with absolutely no budget and in just four hours. Pow!

Watch the U.S. Naval Academy midshipmen's "Naptown Funk" below!

Photo: YouTube/Nickle2e