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This photo is one Joe Jonas' most-liked photos on his Instagram, according to his brother Nick Jonas:

What a tease.

A photo posted by Jøe Jønas (@joejonas) on

Nick is now explaining how the hilarious parody photo came to be when he stopped by "The Meredith Vieira Show" this week. 

He said "That was his [Joe's] idea. We were out in the city the other night and obviously it was the day Kim's shoot came out and he pulled it up on his phone and said, 'Oh my God someone just sent me this.' And I said you have to post that right now, you have no choice and he did and I think it's one of his most liked pictures on Instagram now."

Despite the funny pic, Nick admitted he's a "booty man." He says, "Yeah, why not. It's beautiful."

Check it out below: