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Nicki Minaj showed she has more than just rap skills this weekend. She appeared on "Saturday Night Live" as their musical guest ... but also did some SPOT ON impressions!

In a skit called "Jingle Ballerz," the cast created a "Hip-Hop Christmas" special playing stars like Rihanna, Riff Raff, Eminem, and Rick Ross as the Three Wise Men, Justin Bieber as Joseph, and Kanye West (Yeezus) as baby Jesus. Nicki gave her best Beyonce impression as the Virgin Mary, and it was ***Flawless.

In the skit she says, "One day he'll turn water into wine ... and we'll all be DRUNK IN LOVE," singing Bey's hit.

Check out Nicki as Queen Bey below:

On the show's "Weekend Update" segment, Nicki played Kim Kardashian and explained the reality TV star's recent nude photo shoot for Paper magazine. She said the photos were out of context because they were missing the proper backgrounds. 

Once the backgrounds were filled in, they presented dramatically different situations. As Nicki's character pointed out, the "real" photos included a public service announcement promoting regular doctor visits, a picture from a math competition and a poster warning about the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline. 

She joked that one of the nude photos was even supposed to be used for her annual Hanukkah card. 

Check out Nicki's hilarious impression of Kim below:

Nicki also took the stage as the night's musical guest. She first performed her new song "Bed of Lies" with Skylar Grey, before closing out the show with her songs "Only" and "All Things Go." 

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