Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain co-hosted 98.7 The Gater’s 12 Guitars of Christmas last week, and during the party he snuck away for a few minutes to FaceTime with an autistic fan from North Carolina.

Paul, who has been playing drums for almost 2 years, is a huge fan of Nicko’s drumming, and the call was a holiday dream come true.

Nicko offered up some tips and words of inspiration, saying "There will be times when you feel despair, and what you have to do is just get through it. Sometimes your hands will hurt, your back will hurt, your legs will hurt…but persevere.”

Nicko also said that next time Iron Maiden plays North Carolina that he will take Paul and his dad (or a really hot chick) on a tour of his drum kit!

Watch the full video below.

Photo: 98.7 The Gater