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Questlove knows how to tell one hell of a story, and it's quite evident in this brand-new installment in Okayplayer's Storyville series. For his video, the musician and TV personality recalled the one time when Prince fired him from a DJ set and he was replaced with a Finding Nemo screening.  

Quest kicked off the five-minute video by reminiscing about the time he invited a group of 10 individuals, including a blind-ish date, to see Prince's 2004 "Musicology Live 2004ever Tour" in Philly. Unfortunately, Quest ended up miscounting the number of tickets, leaving himself without official entry to see The Purple Wonder.

While The Roots were somewhat established in Philly, Quest couldn't just walk in without a ticket, so he spotted the music icon and asked the obvious. Prince greenlit his entry, but Quest found himself in a bigger mess shortly afterwards when he was recruited by the man of the hour to DJ a private party with a pool table and a door that only the music icon could control. 

Questlove is a man of many connections and found a way to set up one killer party with some tunes from Nigerian Afrobeat god Fela Kuti. Unfortunately, Prince wasn't feeling Fela's tunes, so he had his assistant hand Questlove a DVD copy of Finding Nemo.

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"I didn't want to be around for the transition from music to cartoon, so I was with DJ Mike Nice and I kind of just set him up with the honors," he reminisced. "I was kind of just like, 'Did I just get fired and replaced by a cartoon fish?'"

Questlove's story comes full circle when he and his then-blind date-turned-girlfriend visited The Purple Wonder at his house in Los Angeles three years later, and low and behold, the DJ was playing Fela Kuti to everyone's enjoyment. 

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