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New surveillance footage shows Ray Rice and his then fiancee Janay Palmer kissing in the same Atlantic City elevator he had attacked her in earlier that night. The never-before-seen video was released on Friday and details the aftermath following the incident of domestic violence.

Palmer is visibly distraught in the latest clip from the February 15 assault. She and Rice can be seen sitting at separate tables at the Revel Hotel and Casino until police officers escort them into the elevator. The two are wearing handcuffs when they lean in to nuzzle and kiss each other before they are walked out to separate police cars.

Early in the night, Rice had punched Palmer in the face, knocked her unconscious, and dragged her out of the same elevator. Both Rice and Palmer were charged with assault, but the charges against Palmer were soon dropped. After the shocking footage of the attack surfaced in September, Rice was released by the Ravens and indefinitely suspended by the NFL.

Rice and his attorney Peter Ginsberg went to court to try and prevent ABC News from obtaining the new recording, but lost. On Friday, Ginsberg voiced is his dismay that the video was made public. “This is a time of healing and he, quite naturally, doesn’t want another media showing of what must have been the worst event of his life,” he said. “What the media ought to be focusing on is the issue of domestic violence.

Palmer recently opened up on the “Today Show” about the attack, telling Matt Lauer, “I got arrested [for assault], too, so I did something wrong, too.” Check out the new footage below and tell us what you think.

Photo: ABC News Video

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