Sarah Palin turned the tables on her “Saturday Night Live” impersonator Tina Fey by releasing a spoof trailer for “31 Rock,” a fake TV series that parodies Fey’s former show “30 Rock.” 

Of course, Fey has made headlines over the years for her spot-on impression and resemblance to the former Republican vice presidential candidate. But Palin gets her revenge in this new parody promo, which was released by the Independent Journal Review.

On “30 Rock,” Fey starred as Liz Lemon, the head writer of a sketch comedy show. On “31 Rock,” Palin is Lynn Melon, a TV writer “putting a smackdown on political correctness.” Palin channels Fey’s character by wearing glasses and an over sized sweatshirt, the kind of frumpy outfit Liz Lemon often wore.

In a supporting role is Senator Lindsey Graham, who plays an NBC page modeled after Jack McBrayer’s “30 Rock” character. And in the Alec Baldwin role is Palin’s former running mate John McCain, who she looks to for guidance, similarly to dynamic between Fey and Baldwin’s characters. There’s also an appearance by original cast member Kevin Brown, who reprises his own “30 Rock” role.