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This just goes to show you that age is only a number. A group of senior citizens have covered Bruno Mars & Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk" and it is glorious. Their version is called "Oldtown Cover" and features Alex Boye' & The Dancing Grannies.

The group not only covered "Uptown Funk" for their "Oldtown Cover" ... but they also recreated the funky video ... pink sports coat and all! 

Alex posted the video to his Facebook and said:

"Many Thanks to my funky seniors! I used only Grandmas and Grandpas in this video, and they did their own stunts smile emoticon. The oldest was 92! Between them, they have raised 500 children, 1,200 grandchildren, and 250 great grandchildren!!! THANKS TO JEANS 'GOLDEN GIRLS!!'"

You can watch it for yourself, but these grandpas and grannies got UP



And at the end, prepare for some key life advice from these wise seniors.

Watch Alex Boye' & The Dancing Grannies cover "Uptown Funk" with their "Oldtown Cover" below!