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Sixx:A.M. is back with a brand new album, Modern Vintage, and the band shared their new music with fans during an iHeartRadio show as part of the iHeartRadio LIVE series!  

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Modern Vintage was inspired by artists and albums that have influenced the band's songwriting over the years including bands like Queen, E.L.O., Thin Lizzy, the Bee Gee's, David Bowie, and Elton John ... hence the name Modern Vintage. The band wants fans to be taken on a musical journey when they listen to their new album, with variations of style from one song to the next. 

The band performed their new music during an intimate iHeartRadio show. See videos from the performance below!

Watch Sixx:A.M. Perform "Drive"

Watch Sixx:A.M. Perform "Stars"

Watch Sixx:A.M. Perform "Life is Beautiful"