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Everyone's favorite little British pop star in pink is back. Sophia Grace released her brand new song and music video for "Best Friends," as premiered by this week.

The song is all about being besties (sisters before misters!) and the music video follows Sophia Grace and her girls as they have a fun-filled day together. They play dress up, go on a shopping spree (for clothes AND toys -- jealous), and then top it all off with a fierce fashion show when they model all their new pink outfits down the catwalk. You know, typical 11-year-old girly stuff.

Sophia tells, "I'm so excited to release this song as I think all girls can relate to the lyrics." She continues, "It's a great song to listen to with your friends at a party and it's real catchy for everyone to sing along."

Her favorite part? Sophia says, "My favorite part of making the music video was the fashion show we did at the end, me and the other girls in the video had so much fun walking and dancing up and down the cat walk, we actually thought we were real cat walk models."

We just have ONE tiny little blonde tutu-lovin' question ... WHERE IN THE NAME OF TIARAS IS ROSIE?! 

Check out Sophia Grace's "Best Friends" music video below!