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Over the past few years, Steve Aoki has made sure that everyone knows that cakes aren't just for birthday parties. Steve caking fans at all of his shows has become a tradition, and he explains why to Ryan Seacrest.

The producer/DJ stopped by "On Air with Ryan Seacrest" where he told Ryan, "Back in 2009, I played Coachella, and that was the first time where I did entertainment to my show and that was a raft. And a couple years later, I needed to do something new to the show. So, I got inspired by a music video where these cakes were exploding in people's faces in slow motion. I was like, 'Let me try that at one show where I cake someone,' and it was bit awkward when you bring the cake out and no one knows what to expect. I just slowly kind of pace around until someone - there's always one crazy guy in the front - that will take the cake."

That's not all. Ryan experienced first-hand what it's like to be caked when Steve nailed him with the delicious dessert! Check it out below:

Steve just released his new album Neon Future I. Listen to Steve's full interview with Ryan Seacrest below:

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