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Kristian Bush's video to his latest solo single, "Trailer Hitch," has a timely theme.  The Sugarland singer describes the clip to "CMT Hot 20 Countdown," saying "a zombie apocalypse" is under way, and apparently "the only thing that can save us" is his guitar and "the backbeat of this song." 

The "undead" element to the video was inspired by the same line that sparked the song -- "I've never seen a hearse with a trailer hitch."  Kristian says he found the lyric "kinda funny" but also "kinda true.  You can't take it with you when you go." 

Bush adds that horror films and country music actually have one key element in common.  He says what he really loves about "sci-fi and the creature thing is that whenever you put them in a scene or you put them in a story, it's never about them.  It's always about the story."  The singer explains that it "makes complete sense with country music," which is "not about the flashiness" or "even about the hat," but "about the story of the song." 

Check out the zombie-pocalypse in the "Trailer Hitch" music video below!