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After a few teases on her social media this week, Taylor Swift finally revealed her "Style" music video! The clip was debuted on "Good Morning America" on February 13th -- which Tay's signature number -- and is the third music video to come from her most recent album 1989.

The short preview clips were a little mysterious, but now we can finally see the whole story unfold -- and it even includes a Harry Styles reference! Throughout the video we see Taylor (looking beautiful as always) and flashes of her handsome love interest in scenery including the beach, in a convertible driving with the top down, even in broken mirrors.

But back to Harry Styles. When 1989 first came out, all the Swiftie detectives out there immediately realized what (or should we say who) the song was about -- it is called "Style," after all. But in the video you can see one or two VERY quick flashes of the paper airplane necklace -- a definite nod to Harry. 

Taylor sings about the airplane necklace in her song "Out of the Woods" -- another song believed to be about Harry. 

After the release of 1989, Taylor told Ryan Seacrest of the song, "I love how the song sounds the way that that feeling felt. I love it when the sound of the song matches up with the feeling that inspired it. In this song, it just reminds me of driving in the middle of the night. I don't know. I loved comparing these timeless visuals with a feeling that never goes out of style."

Watch Taylor Swift's "Style" music video below!