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Taylor Swift’s anthem “Shake It Off” helped bring back the memory of a young woman who lost it after suffering severe seizures. That woman, Charli Robertson, will now get to meet her savior before the singer’s North Carolina concert on Wednesday. Watch the video below.

Doctors lost hope that Robertson’s memory would ever return, but after her mother started playing Swift’s music, “Shake It Off” specifically, the young woman immediately started remembering the past. “It’s not physically she saved my life, but mentally she did,” the girl told FOX8.

The radio hosts assisted in scoring Robertson backstage tickets to Swift’s upcoming show, where she will get to personally thank her idol. Robertson said she “would have never dreamed” that she would get to meet Swift, adding, “I just want to say ‘thank you’ to everyone that helped me.” Robertson also made a sign for Swift which says “Shake It Off” in big letters accompanied by colorful hearts.

As Gossip Cop has reported, Swift makes a habit of meeting some of her ailing fans, having recently hung out with a 19-year-old cancer patient before one of her shows. Watch Robertson reveal in the video below how Swift and “Shake It Off” helped regain her lost memory.

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