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Who hasn’t sipped on a delicious bottle of Diet Coke and magically sprouted kittens? That’s the storyline for Taylor Swift‘s new Diet Coke ad, which stars her adorable kitten Olivia Benson. The 30-second clip opens up with the singer-songwriter teasing her pint-sized feline with a piece of string, and as time goes on (and with each tender drink of soda), a kindle of kittens (!!!) emerges.

Cute doesn't even begin to describe this.

Of course, Swift does a humble plug for her upcoming Big Machine pop album 1989 (out Oct. 27), and in the background, you can hear a clip of a new (yet unnamed) track. Any guesses on what it could be? (Take a few minutes and put that video on repeat, please).

It has been quite an exciting week for Swifties, as the singer dropped a new sample track called "Out Of The Woods" and teased lyrics from Track #1 of 1989

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More lyrics are expected every day until 1989 is officially released.