The 1975 have released their new music video for their most recent single "Love Me" ... and it is seriously a majestic cinematic experience you will want to watch on repeat for the rest of the day. The video was directed by Diane Martel, after all -- AKA the woman behind Miley Cyrus's glorious "Wrecking Ball" clip.

The "Love Me" music video is full of interesting scenes. First of all, we learn that Matt Healy has a lot of celebrity friends. Like little Miley Cyrus, for example...

love me 2

And we also learn that he may have a little man crush on One Direction's Harry Styles (which SAME, MATTY).  

Matt Healy

He also shares a glass of champagne with another one of his besties: Elvis (Charli XCX looks a little jealous in the background though, Matty).

love me 3

And then there's this little hot tub party:

love me 4

Watch the full "Love Me" music video above!