#SORRY acoustic with Skrillex & Blood#PreOrderPurpose —http://smarturl.it/JBPurpose

Posted by Justin Bieber on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Wanna know what happens when Justin Bieber and Skrillex hang out on the couch? GLORIOUS MUSICAL MAGIC. Biebs shared an acoustic performance of his new single "Sorry," which he already shared a quick snippet of before he finally released the tune as a teaser.

The video shows Justin, Skrillex, and producer Blood (who also co-produced "Sorry"), sitting on the couch during the unplugged performance, which features Justin singing while Skrillex plays the tune on the acoustic guitar.

In the video, Skrillex reveals that "Sorry" is the first time that he and Blood have collaborated before, and talks about working with Justin. He says:

"Sometimes you work with vocalists that need a lot of help. And obviously, everything was so collaborative at the same time, there were so many great ideas. Just him, and I, and blood in the studio."

SO. What else happens when this trio hangs out, other than jamming out on the couch? Feast your eyes on this, and try not to feel the FOMO:

1. Bumper-Hoverboards.


2. Their best Skrillex impressions.

skrillex impersonation

3. A LOT of shredding on the skateboard. Obviously.


4. Dance parties.


5. And finally, making new friends.

new friends

Watch Justin Bieber & Skrillex's acoustic "Sorry" performance above!