Meet Eric Bruce. He's dad to adorable baby Jack. Over the last year, Bruce has been crushing the parenting game, and making these adorable Dubsmash videos with Jack, lip syncing to songs by Whitney Houston, Adele, and more. Basically, dad goals AF.

Eric told Buzzfeed of his videos, "My wife Priscilla spends most of her time watching him, but when she went back to work I started sending her snippets to make her laugh, let her know everything was OK."

So Eric made a nearly two-and-a-half minute compilation of all the dubsmash videos he sent his wife over the last year. In it, Eric and Jack's videos cover tunes by Justin Timberlake (during which Jack is actually crying a river), Vanilla Ice, 4 Non Blondes, among others. Like...

Adele's "Hello."

And Whitney Houston's classic, "I Will Always Love You."

Check out the full compilation below: