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Trisha Yearwood sat down with Bobby Bones ahead of the CMAs this week where they talked about men vs. women in country music. Trisha said, "It's a struggle to get played on the radio when you're a woman, and when you're a little older, which I don't even understand."

Why does Trisha think this is happening? She tells Bobby, "Women were dominating in the '90s." She continued, "The song choices that women are making that are getting played are great choices. There's definitely an audience. I mean, obviously women are still buying records. I will tell you at the Garth shows, there's a lot more guys coming to shows than there were in '98 when we played. There were probably 80/20 women to men, and now it's more 50/50. Now the guys are just there!"

Check out what else Trisha had to say on women in country music and more below!