(NEWSER) – It's GOP debate night, and the million-dollar question is whether Donald Trump will show. It turns out there's also a 1.5 million-dollar question on the table.

The latest:

  • In a Wednesday night interview with , Trump didn't come close to budging. The Hill recounts the many ways O'Reilly tried to convince him: He said "turn the other cheek," and Trump replied, "Eye for an eye."
  • O'Reilly ended the interview by asking Trump a question that the two had apparently agreed wasn't to be asked, per Politico.
  • If he does indeed skip, the New York Times reports he might not be the only one.
  • Still not using the word "bimbo" himself, Politico notes that Trump retweeted a follower's shot at Megyn Kelly over a provocative GQ photo shoot she did: "And this is the bimbo that’s asking presidential questions?" 
  • Ted Cruz also turned up the heat on his "mano a mano" debate invite to Trump, reports theGuardian. Cruz has named a place, time, and potential facilitators and "sweetened the deal" by noting two super PAC donors will hand $1.5 million to veterans charities if Trump shows

Photo: YouTube/Fox News Insider

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