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Two guys in their Speedos randomly crashed a Supermarket, and threw an impromptu rave. 

The guys -- DJ Speedo Shy and DiscoBoy -- walked in wheeling a DJ set up which was belting out dance music, hopped up onto the conveyor belt of the checkout, and started dancing it up. DiscoBoy got behind the mic to hype of the "crowd" -- AKA this lady:

Even the security guard made a request ... to "turn it off."

DJ Speedo Shy and DiscoBoy eventually got kicked out, but not before wishing everyone in the store to "have a good week."

A spokesperson for the supermarket said:

"As much as we appreciate a good joke, the unexpected items in the bagging area actually broke the bagging area. We'd ask our customers to use our checkouts to pay for their shopping and not to showcase their dance moves."

Watch DJ Speedo Shy and DiscoBoy turn this Supermarket into a rave below: