Usher had the honor of performing the National Anthem at the NBA Finals on Thursday. 

After last night's win by the Golden State Warriors, the Cleveland Cavaliers are now tied two games to two in the 2015 championship series,

But last night,  all eyes were on Usher, an open LeBron James fan who was introduced as an “esteemed member of the Cleveland Cavaliers” family. Discovered when he was just a teen and now 36 years old, the Grammy winner, of course, has sung the National Anthem countless times at various events over the course of his career. But the rise of YouTube and social media has led each and every celebrity “Star-Spangled Banner” performance to live on forever, with watchers becoming instant critics.

Luckily for Usher, he absolutely nailed every note with his own personal R&B flair, and fared significantly better than other recent National Anthem performers. As Gossip Cop reported, less than a week ago Minnie Driver flubbed the lyrics at a Dodgers game. That came a month after Jamie Foxx was ripped for his delivery of the song at the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight.

Photo: YouTube