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Maybe it's Taylor Swift's cool "Genius" sweatshirt. Maybe it's the fact that we can see a quick look at her glorious closet. Or maybe it's just the simple fact that T-Swift is actually blow-drying her cat ... but we just can't stop watching this video of Tay drying off her feline gal pal Olivia Benson with her mint green blow-dryer.

Taylor posted the video (titled "catastrophe") to her Facebook, taken by her human BFF Abigail, of Taylor blow-drying Olivia. In the video, Taylor says, "She jumped in the bathtub." She followed up with a few coments to the cat, "You're really embarrassed aren't you? ... Yup."

Taylor's face is priceless throughout the whole thing.


Well, "catastrophe" aside, can we seriously raid your closet one day, Taylor?! It looks AMAZING.

Watch Taylor blow-dry Olivia Benson below: