(NEWSER)  – Since at least 1897, the US Military Academy's freshmen cadets have held a massive pillow fight each year. This year, it got ugly.

The New York Times reports some West Point cadets are thought to have put their helmets inside their pillows during the Aug. 20 fight, with nasty results: 30 injured cadets, 80% with concussions. Unnamed cadets tell the paper one of their peers ended up with a broken leg; others suffered dislocated shoulders and split lips.

The Times reports the school only yesterday confirmed the news, with school rep Lt. Col. Christopher Kasker explaining the event was born out of "the desire to enhance the spirit of the class"; it follows a seven-week basic-training session where they're not to speak to their fellow plebes. Upperclassmen are supposed to keep watch over the first-years during the fight, and Kasker says they required their younger classmates to wear helmets.

Photo: YouTube

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