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What happens when Taylor Swift runs into her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles? Now we know!

TMZ captured a scene inside the lobby of the Sunset Marquis hotel in Los Angeles on Wednesday night, showing the famous exes crossing paths. The video shows Taylor standing with a group of friends -- the HAIM ladies -- as the One Direction heartthrob enters from behind and starts chatting with one of the girls. The pop superstar can be seen looking down at her phone as Harry continues his conversation and follows her friends into the hotel without saying a word.  

Awk. Maybe she was just having an intense text convo! We've all been there.

Watch Taylor Swift and Harry Styles' hotel lobby encounter below:

Well, apparently all's well that ends well (MAYBE) because Taylor, HAIM, AND Harry were reportedly spotted out at dinner after their hotel encounter ... this according to Twitter:

Whatever REALLY went down ... they never go out of style.

Taylor and Harry dated briefly in late 2012. It's rumored that a few tracks from her best-selling 1989 album was inspired by the romance.