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It’s probably wise to know how “Wheel of Fortune” works before you play. For instance, once a contestant guesses wrongly when trying to solve the puzzle, it’s not smart to guess the exact same thing when it’s your turn. It’s even less smart to guess the wrong phrase a third time. But that’s exactly what happened on a recent show, much to host Pat Sajak’s frustration.

With the board showing “THE P–NTED DESERT,” contestant Lindsey incorrectly solved it as “The Pointed Desert.” She ran out of time, so attention swung to James, who guessed… “The Pointed Desert.” Twice. Even though there’s no such thing as “The Pointed Desert.” (There is, however, “The Painted Desert,” which was the correct answer.”) But that small detail didn’t stop James.

Sajak, who’s been at this for decades now, seemed baffled by James’ repeated attempt to make “The Pointed Desert” happen. “It’s not ‘The Pointed Desert,’ no matter how many times you say it!” he told James. Fortunately for Sajak and exhausted viewers, the third contestant, Kelly, nailed the right answer on her first guess. Sajak joked, “I was just going to give him ‘Pointed Desert,’ [because] he was so insistent!”